What happens during a PT session?

Everyday, I evaluate new babies I meet on their head shapes, muscle strengths, and gross motor skills. The other day, a parent filmed part of my session. While I cannot provide traditional physical therapy interventions at my day job (where we make helmets for babies with misshapen heads), I just started my very own physical therapy company (http://www.lilpeanutsphysicaltherapy.com).  This way, I can spend more time with babies who need more intense exercises at home to address their physical skills or neuromuscular limitations. Here is a sample of what I may show parents from time to time. As you can see, most babies do not enjoy getting stretches, but the more we do it the more comfortable they’ll be.  Enjoy!

About PT4Peanuts

Judy is the proud owner of Lil' Peanuts Physical Therapy, P.C. She is a board certified pediatric specialist who has worked with children all across the country, from NICUs to outpatient day rehabilitation centers. She is an avid blogger and full proponent of APTA’s 2020 vision for physical therapy. Her passions lie in educating children, parents, teachers, clinicians, and future therapists so that they can best reach their full potential.
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