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Feeling lucky at work, every single day.

Around 9 months ago, I bid a tearful goodbye to a job I loved in Chicago and moved across the country to be with my husband in Los Angeles. At the time, I was sort of excited about all the … Continue reading

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The truth behind chiropractors for children

In October 2013, a sensational headline surfaced from the Australian press: “Chiropractor Breaks Baby’s Neck!”  It turns out, a pediatric chiropractor fractured a child’s vertebrae while trying to treat torticollis. About a year before that, a baby with torticollis actually came to me … Continue reading

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An Uplifting Syndrome

In light of World Down Syndrome Day, which was 9 days ago, I was preparing to write a work blog about the physical limitations of children with Down Syndrome and what we can do as therapists to help them lead … Continue reading

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