To helmet or not to helmet, that is the question.

In a recent study published by the British Medical Journal and the New York Times, helmets used to correct flat heads on babies were deemed ineffective. See below for my response to that study.  Because physical therapists like me have zero association with helmet companies, doctors’ offices, or orthotists, our recommendations are purely based on the child and family’s needs. There are some proven long term implications and neurodevelopmental delays in children with untreated plagiocephaly. I am here to help parents make informed decisions instead of knee-jerk reactions based on one misleading study. In my clinical experience, I’ve never had a parent regret the decision they made, whether it was to seek out a helmet evaluation or to forgo helmet therapy.

via Babies, Misshapen Heads, and Plagiocephaly Helmets: a Physical Therapist Perspective.

About PT4Peanuts

Judy is the proud owner of Lil' Peanuts Physical Therapy, P.C. She is a board certified pediatric specialist who has worked with children all across the country, from NICUs to outpatient day rehabilitation centers. She is an avid blogger and full proponent of APTA’s 2020 vision for physical therapy. Her passions lie in educating children, parents, teachers, clinicians, and future therapists so that they can best reach their full potential.
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